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ibiza gay tourism



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Ibiza - Eivissa island is famous for its gay-friendly and tolerant atmosphere, all around the globe.
Young partygoers from everywhere visit this beautiful sun soaked Balearic island during summer time to either worship the sun or Ibiza’s non-stop and unique party scene.
The island still is leading the European nightlife vibes with their huge high-tech clubs, most famous DJs and undisputedly the best indoor and outdoor parties.
One party ends..........the next starts......in Ibiza the party never stops !!

Of course gay clubbers also want to experience some of the super club action and prefer to go to the popular gay club nights, or to the smaller gay club and Ibiza gay icon: ANFORA.

Sant Antonios
nightlife scene is marked great, famous and frantic but ......primarily straight !!

Ibiza Town
is definitely leading the hedonistic Ibiza gay scene of the island, as most of the best gay venues, among which gay bars, restaurants and shops that are situated here.
Some of them are gay-friendly, while other, dominated by gay clientele and/or owners merely tolerate straights. Dark rooms and cruising areas, you can find it all in Ibiza, but of course all necessary precautions, possible dangers and problems are also included.

Ibiza Gay Beach - Es Cavellet


Es Cavallet, a beach situated most south of Ibiza Town, is Ibiza’s main and welknown gay nudist beach, located at the far end of Playa d’es Cavallet together with a famous gay beach bar named Chiringay, that provides chill out music and wonderful dishes and drinks.

Los Molinos, a small and more remote rocky beach situated between Ibiza Town and Figueretes. Walking is the only way to reach this quiet little beach.                                     >>>

Ibiza Gay Beach - Los Molinos

Dressing up is a major issue at Ibiza!
Some people spent many long hours of preparing themselves to appear in the most incredible and stunning outfits while the majority of all party people certainly know the Ibiza code: dress to impress !!
The locals don’t seem to get surprised by anything anymore in Ibiza so you can dress the way you like, and do the things you want whenever you want it!

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Some of the major clubs in Ibiza even have a special area for gays and draggies, where they can charge their ’batteries’ for yet another set of dance trance.
For some the island stands for dancing and partying, showing off, watching beautiful muscled men, outrageous lesbians and drags and sometimes far too much pills or vodka&red bull.
For others the island is a melting pot of cultures and opinions, music and beautiful scenery, wonderful beaches and historic architecture, but above all, it is all part of the much appreciated ultimate Gay Ibiza Holiday Experience.

When finally your body needs a rest, after having danced and partied for many hours (..nights?...days?) the perfect place for gays to meet, sleep, lounge and chill is beautiful Platja des Cavallet, or in English......

Es Cavallet Beach, prestigious nude beach with gay section that is marked by 2 rainbow flags, is legendary for its nude sunbathing and gay visitors that are convinced of Ibiza being the Mediterranean gay paradise.
The here present chiringuito named: Chiringay serves delicious food and drinks in the open air beach bar.

Ibiza is absolutely the perfect Gay Holiday Destination in the Mediterranean.

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Help in finding all the right bars, clubs and accommodations for gays and lesbians.......

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